Copper Mini Double Barrel Crimp Sleeves 100pcs available 0.6mm to 3.3mm

Catch All Tackle

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Product Overview

Mini Copper Double Barrel Crimp Sleeves Black nickel finish pack of 100 pieces. Available in sizes

0.6mm x 7mm,

0.8mm x 7mm,

1.0mm x 5mm,

1.2mm x 7mm

,1.3mm x 7mm,

1.4mm x 7mm,

1.6mm x 9mm,

1.8 mm x 9mm,

2.0 mm x 9mm,

2.2mm x 10mm.

Always best to go up a size from line diameter. Line thickness to strength can vary from manufactures. Best to check thickness not rely on chart.Kits available.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review