Virginia Hook - Mustad 4011D-BU 100 pack


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Product Overview

The Mustad Virginia Hook features a hollow hook point for excellent penetration and strong hook holds. This strong hook is designed for bottom fishing for Blackfish/Tautog using a whole variety of bait, such as Blue Crabs, Green Crabs, Fiddler Crabs, Clams, Muscles and Squid. It is a great choice for the inshore fisherman and boat angler, using a bottom rig with a sinker and the baited hook above. The “MTL-V1” point combines a more efficient point design with a new sharpening process to enhance the quality. The result is a sharper, sleek new point shape with penetration resistance 50% lower than standard Classic Hook points! The hook features a blue finish for further attention to the baited hook.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review