Squid Nation Thinskinz 9 inch 10 pack

Squid Nation

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Squidnation Thinskinz is a revolutionary material created by Capt Bruce Millar from Otter Tail Inc. These baits were exclusively created for Squidnation to use on Dredges, Daisy Chains, Unbrella Rigs and as hooked baits. The proprietary material is unbelievably durable and strong. The natural rubbery feel to them makes them very lifelike. The action is amazing weather casting and retrieving or trolling from 2kts to 9kts. They are incredibly light but still durable. We have tested the Thinkskinz on a dredge for Striped Marlin in Mag Bag to trolling at 2.5kts for Striped Bass in the Chesapeake Bay. The colors hold much better than that of any rubber shad. Give them a try in your spread and you will be convinced. Thinskinz are proudly Made in the USA by Capt Bruce's Ottertail.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review